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Come Away With Me

10 Rustic Resorts We Bet You'll Love for Your Girlfriend Getaway

Do you ever just stop to take a breather from your everyday hectic life of deadlines and other pressing commitments to wish your girlfriends were with you at that moment for some emotional support? Because we do the same thing too.

Eve Writes | 13 November 2018

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Sometimes all you want is to sit in the pool and watch the sky.

Fact is, in today’s fast-paced world it seems like the only place you can go to release some pent up tension is at the gym, but not all of your girlfriends are into exercising let alone sweating (probably not even yourself, ahem).


And when you do eventually get together, those couple of hours laughing and venting over coffee and cakes just whizz by when there’s still more to catch up on. Heck, sometimes you barely have time to reply to their messages regarding some new real life drama they’ve been facing.

So how about rejuvenating your sisterhood with a short getaway before things start getting more insane for those yearend reports? Maybe getting out of the city is the perfect remedy to soothe our nerves while bonding with our girlfriends. Below is a list of rustic resorts as a change of scenery to our concrete jungle that’s within Malaysia and also South East Asia for you and your squad to choose from.

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take

what you've been taking

Alamanda Villa Langkawi Sunset.png
Alamanda Villas Langkawi 02.jpg
Alamanda Villas Langkawi 04.png

1. Alamanda Villas, Langkawi, Malaysia

First in our list is a super private resort made up of a handful of traditional to contemporary Malay villas in a secluded area. Nestled between mountains and paddy fields, it’s the place for you if you wish to go back in time for a little while to basic necessities, plus wifi of course.

When you think of resort, you tend to automatically think of beach and white sands. Why we love Alamanda Villas and why it's the first on our list is the different environment it offers. How often do you get to wake up and see paddy fields stretch in front of you? Because these villas are perched on hill areas, watching the breathtaking sun rise and sunsets are simply just mesmerising .

Their tagline is "Feel at Home While You're Away" so you know what you can expect to feel once you're here!

Enderong Resort Pahang
Enderong Resort Pahang
Enderong Resort Pahang

2. Enderong Resort, Pahang, Malaysia

Maybe it's just us, but the second resort in our list also perches on hillside. If you fancy something with a lesser domestic feel but time is restraining you from escaping too far, 45 minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur there sits an award winning retreat 2000 feet above sea level. Built with pinewood, rocks and recyclable materials, you’ll be breathing in crispy cool mountain air with temperatures ranging between 21° to 28° Celsius. If you’re up for some activities, there is jungle tracking, bird watching and archery to name a few.

This resort really does have that old-ye-English rustic homes feel to it and we love how they incorporate everything and anything wooden into their rooms, villas, and decor. We truly feel one with nature the last time we were here and it's one of those places where we can't stop thinking of going back again.

Terrapuri Terengganu.jpg
Terrapuri Terengganu.jpg
Terrapuri Terengganu.jpg

3. Terrapuri, Terengganu, Malaysia

If you wish to live as 17th century Malay royalty did, there is really no better place than Terrapuri which means “the land of palaces”. Built from restored old Malay houses, it feels like you’ve stepped back in time or at the very least, a luxurious old movie set! Soft white sands stretch before the villas like a carpet towards the beach, enticing you to dip your feet in the azure blue ocean. Behind you is a calm green river dotted with swaying ancient palm trees. A small drop of heaven for us mortals, it’s really no wonder this spot is often used in local tourism commercials.

Staying here does give you that sense of royal as you're surrounded by traditional Malay sultanate decor. From the wide sloping roof and gently carved details to high balconies on wooden stilts and natural air ventilation, we feel like we were transported back to the days when the sultans and viziers used to stroll their gardens.

Bungaraya Resort Sabah.png
Bungaraya Resort Sabah.png
Bungaraya Resort Sabah 03.png

4. Bungaraya Island Resort, Sabah, Malaysia

This is one of the most stunning beach resorts we've ever been to. It's secluded and private we almost didn't know of its existence has it not been for one of our girlfriends' experience when she honeymooned here last year. Bungaraya Island Resort is one of those places where you wish you don't have to return home. Beautiful is not even good enough a word to describe it when we first stepped foot on its white sandy beaches. 

We could comb our hair over a private balcony to an oceanic view while singing our lungs off in any of the 48 luxurious villas here. Located on a coral reef island, each traditional Bornean villa either overlooks the lush rainforest or the South China Sea. Get yourself a bottle of sunscreen and a new tankini, because here, you will not be able to resist the call of the ocean with activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding or scuba diving.

Permai Resort Sarawak 03.jpg
Permai Resort Sarawak 02.jpg
Permai Resort Sarawak 01.jpg

5. Permai Rainforest Resort, Sarawak, Malaysia

We relived our childhood dream and stayed in a treehouse! Literally! This rainforest resort is such a great place for your mind, body, and soul because what better way to wake up in a middle of a forest with the birds chirping and the sun rays slithering through the thick green canopy? It's a refreshing change from the city landscape, we tell you that. We still love our city, don't get us wrong, but there's really nothing like nature to reset yourself, don't you think?


Whether you and your best friends need peace and quiet or crave for some adventure, this is the perfect spot for you guys as the entire site is built in such a way that the surrounding forest area is still intact. Situated at the foot of Mount Santubong, it's still close enough to the beach making it ideal for those who itch for a variety of activities from bird watching to dolphin watching!

Villa Alamanda Bali 01.png
Villa Alamanda Bali 03.png
Villa Alamanda Bali 02.png

6. Villa Alamanda, Bali, Indonesia

Let's admit it. Bali is one of the favorite spots for a vacation. And who can really blame anyone! With beautiful beaches that strech on for miles, white sands between your toes, and traditional Balinese resorts every where you look, it's little wonder why Bali is favorite getaway location for many.


At Villa Alamanda, they combine modern Balinese architecture with traditional features so you're able to enjoy the best of both architecture beauties. The villas each has four stylishly decorated bedrooms boasting clean lines and colours to complement the  pristine nature surrounding it. Located just outside of Ubud which is the heart of Bali’s cultural centre, you’ll be just minutes away from Seminyak shopping centre, restaurants as well as Elephant Cave and the UNESCO rice terraces of Tegallang.

Villa Waringin Bali 01.png
Villa Waringin Bali 02.png
Villa Waringin Bali 03.png

7. Villa Waringin, Bali, Indonesia

The first time we were here, we fell immediately in love. We had our own private little spot of beach (read: heaven) right outside our villa. Whether we need to have a quick swim in the pool or unwind in the jacuzzi or take a quick dip in the ocean, it's just a few paces away from our villa.

Designed to give its tenants luxurious space and absolute privacy, it's so private you won’t run into any passersby except for the occasional fishermen or surfer. We thought we were the only ones at the villa! These beachfront villas are provided with a team of professionals that consists of 24 hour security, butler service, housemaids and a villa manager to pamper you. Again, it's one of those places where we just want to stay forever!

Eskaya Resort 01.png
Eskaya Resort 02.png
Eskaya Resort 03.png

8. Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa, Philippines

Named after the only known indigenous tribe of Bohol, this beautiful seaside property is built of stone combined with natural materials like bamboo and wood with thatched roofs. We understand from the owners that they wanted the designer of the charming site to come up with something that is basically contemporized Filipino with high end amenities to cater to the guests who are looking for something that's quintessentially Asian, but satisfies their modern needs and lifestyle.

We love how sophisticated and sleek look, yet everything at Eskaya feels very traditional and homey.

Kamalaya Koh Samui 02.png
Kamalaya Koh Samui 03.png
Kamalaya Koh Samui 01.png

9. Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand

If exploring the wilderness is not your thing, then how about heading over to this resort for some east meets west therapy to heal your body and mind. We discovered this little sanctuary when we were looking for a place to recover from the city chaos. Kamalaya is one of the most tranquil and peaceful resorts we've ever been to and truly, we felt rejuvenated and renewed after just one night here.

Wellness programs of all sorts are given here by the resort’s team of naturopaths from sleep enhancement to emotional balance to yoga. Surrounded by lush tropical greeneries and a beautiful stretch of beach, this place is created to nurture and reconnect the guests to nature while healing the mind and body.

Koyao Island Resort 02.jpg
Koyao Island Resort 01.jpg
Koyao Island Resort 03.jpg

10. Koyao Island Resort, Thailand

Sandwiched between Krabi and Phuket lies a boutique retreat on the remote island of Yao Noi. Far from excessively touched by tourism, it seems to find pleasure in keeping itself a secret from the rest of the world. Certainly not the place if you want to be catered to the modern amenities, but it is ideal for those who wish to almost completely unplug.

Our time here was truly precious and we had a wonderful time enjoying the gentle breeze from the ocean, watching the stunning morning sun rise, and enjoy wonderful meals out in the open air outside our villa.

Do you have a favorite rustic resort you go to when you need to unwind and escape?

Let us know in the comments why you love it!


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